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    WEST·BOND Inc.

    Since 1966, West•Bond has designed and manufactured a renowned line of wire bonding and die attach machines, wire pull and shear test equipment, ultrasonic components, and accessories for the microelectronics packaging industry. We are perhaps best known for our patented single input X-Y-Z micromanipulator. This unique mechanism of our manual and semi-automatic series machines provides exceptional ease of operation and versatility of application. It accepts the inputs at which humans excel, and continues with the execution of programs of user data under operator and/or digital motor control. In our automatic series machines, data input is via a graphical user interface, and alignment verification is by optical pattern recognition. We take great pride in the high quality for which all West•Bond products have become associated. This is not only a function of dedicated and proven design disciplines, but also of highly skilled personnel, modern fabricating and machining facilities, worldwide customer support, and decades of experience for which we feel there is no substitute.