• Product Overview

    The Roberts® G-16 LINC Batch Centrifugal has many advantages over your existing G8 style batch centrifuge by incorporating many modern components borrowed from the latest technology of the TITAN Batch Centrifuges.

    An often overlooked obstacle when replacing aging centrifugals is the modification necessary to fit larger machines into an existing station. Modifying structural steel and moving mixer tanks and conveyors can be a major undertaking. These necessary changes to accommodate a new, larger centrifuge also come at a high cost, adding tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to the overall project. The budget friendly cost of installation for the G-16 LINC enables you to purchase a modern machine for closer to the cost of used equipment.

    This issue becomes more apparent when trying to replace just one existing centrifuge, or adding one centrifuge to the end of an existing battery. A centrifuge that fits into the existing footprint which utilizes the existing structural steel is a very cost effective way of upgrading to new equipment.

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    Western States

    Western States Machine Company is a global leader in the design and manufacture of centrifuges for the sugar, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

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