WHACHEON 20-1/2G X 60

20-1/2G X 60
Discontinued Model
  • Specs
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    20.5 "
    60 "
    Spindle Bore
    2 "
    10 hp
    1350 rpm
    Swing Over Cross Slide
    11 "
    6400 LBS
  • About Company
    Whacheon U.S.A., Inc.

    whacheon usa....... was established as a direct sales agency to market - within the united states - quality lathes produced by hwacheon machinery works, co., ltd. which began exporting lathes to north america in 1977. hwacheon machinery works, in its kwangju factory, employs more than 400 persons in the production of high-speed, precision engine lathes and cnc machining centers. all machines are manufactured to japanese machine tool standards, and are comparable, except for price, to the mori-seiki line. in almost all instances, whacheon lathe parts are interchangeable with mori-seiki parts. all castings, gears and shafts for the whacheon line are made in south korea by hwacheon machinery works co., ltd., and by hwacheon gear works co., ltd. currently has in stock has over $1,000.000 worth of parts and accessories for mori-seiki, pre '85 webb, and whacheon machine lathes.

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