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  • Product Overview

    Specification A1000
    Travel X axis mm 1000
    Y axis mm 600
    Z axis mm 600
    Spindle nose to table surface mm 140-740
    Spindle center to column mm 610
    Working table Size (L x W) mm 1150 x 560
    T slots mm 18 x 5 x 100
    Max. loaded kg 600
    Spindle Speed rpm 60-8000
    Spindle taper BT40
    Rate kw 7.5/11
    Feed rate Rapid travel for X,Y,Z m/min 36/36/20
    Cutting feed rate m/min 10
    X,Y,Z motor rate (Mitsubishi) kw 2002-2-2
    X,Y,Z motor rate kw 2003-3-4
    Rail type XYZ linear way
    ATC Magazine capacity 24(20)
    Magazine type Arm Type
    (Umbrella Type)
    Max. tool diameter mm φ100
    Max. tool length mm 300
    Tool change time (T-T) sec. 3.5(7)
    Tool change time (C-C) sec. 5(11)
    Accuracy Full travel positional accuracy mm ±0.01
    Repeated precision mm ±0.005
    Power supply Power requirement KVA 15
    Air supply Air pressure requirement kg/cm² 6
    Machine Spec. Machine weight kg 7200
    Machine size (L x W) mm 2600 x 3000

  • About Company

    Taiwan Winnerstech Machinery Co., Ltd. was established as a job-shop in 1992 from a town at Taichung in the central Taiwan. With the spirit of "Pursuing Excellence, Winning Respect” we take it as the philosophy of enterprise. Taiwan Winner has introduced the series CNC machining center and High Speed Tapping/Drilling machine to the worldwide market with the leading brand of "Winner", and enjoying the sales since 2008. For full range of VMCs have been completed by sizing from 500mm up to 2100mm for X-axis travel. The advantages of those productivity machines shall be particularly designed for high accuracy & superior performance workpieces, and widely applying for job-shop, die molding, as well as the industries of auto parts, 3C components, Medical equipment, aero parts …& etc. Taiwan Winner with many years cultivations, WINNER branded products are sold throughout China and successfully introduced into the markets of Russia, Germany, Poland, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea & Japan, with proven reputation and has been endorsed unanimously by the majority of end-users. Taiwan Winner has the confidence that by quality personnel, advanced technology, and innovative designs that can satisfy all customers with complete solutions. Winner Group assures you with high efficiency & high level of commitment service! Be your best choice.

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