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    1.25 "
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    The model 300 tube bender offers programmable bend control, 1.7 second cycle time (90° bend). To ensure the performance of the 300, heavy duty roller bearings are used to guide the bend die and cushion cylinder. The model 300 tube bender also has programmable deceleration for the ram at the end of the bend stroke. Tooling for the machine can be designed to produce both true or crush type bends.

    Winton Machine has built in a fan cooled heat exchanger because we understand the importance of keeping the temperature of the hydraulic fluid below a certain level. We also offer an optional 120 gallon tank for additional cooling. Also, the tooling for the tube bender is compatible with most vertical compression benders.

    Winton Machine Company has been building tube benders for over a decade. From its stout structural frame to its high resolution encoder, the 300 continues to bend quality parts for industries such as furniture, recreation, and health care.
    Capacity: 1 1/4" (27 mm) OD x .065" wall
    Model 300B Capacity: 1 3/8" (35 mm) OD x .065" wall
    Repeatability: ± 0.1°
    Maximum Bend Angle: 150° (model 300 only)
    Weight: 2100 lbs.
    Footprint: 84" deep x 36" wide
    Max. Pressure: 2000 psi
    Microprocessor controlled, program up to 10 bends
    Fast production bending (1.7 seconds/90° bend)
    High-resolution encoder, direct drive (no gearing)
    Heavy duty linear roller bearings guide bend die
    Heavy duty linear roller bearings guide cushion cylinder
    Dual palm switches for safe operation (optional)
    Front and back safety guards
    Dual-speed hydraulic system

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    Winton Machine Company

    Winton designs and builds CNC tube benders, manual tube benders, CNC roll benders, CNC coax benders, tube end formers, manual hand tube benders, serpentine tube benders, vertical compression tube benders, CNC tube cutters, tube straighteners, CNC coax cutters, and a variety of other tube fabrication machinery in the United States.