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    Winton Machine’s RD30 CNC tube bender can be integrated into a forming cell. A standard Winton loader and unloader moves the tube thru the Winton mandrel tube bender and places it into a Proto-1 end forming machine. In addition to the compact head design, the 3 axis servo controlled tube bender is fast and accurate. Controlled by a Windows computer, Winton’s RD30 tube bender has a history of standing the production test of time.
    The machine shown automatically loads material from a hopper, the weld seam is automatically located and the blank is presented to the bender. The carriage moves forward and the collet closes. The loader retracts and the bend sequence begins which includes the use of compound stacked tooling. When the part is finished it is automatically unloaded and then transferred to an end forming station…all with no machine operator!
    To keep programming of new parts down to a minimum, the RD30 tube bender can be linked directly to engineering. Engineering can download a CAD generated STEP file of the bent tube right into the bender’s controller. This helps cut down on programming time and programming errors. The controller reads the STEP file and extracts the LRA (YBC) bender data. The LRA bender data is then used to controll the CNC tube bending machine. It’s that simple.

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    Winton Machine Company

    Winton designs and builds CNC tube benders, manual tube benders, CNC roll benders, CNC coax benders, tube end formers, manual hand tube benders, serpentine tube benders, vertical compression tube benders, CNC tube cutters, tube straighteners, CNC coax cutters, and a variety of other tube fabrication machinery in the United States.

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