• Specs
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    1.5 "
    48” x 33”
  • Product Overview

    When a tube is first loaded into the roll bender, a proximity sensor detects the leading edge of the tube. This tells the processor when to start the bending process. At this point a high resolution encoder coupled directly to the tubing monitors the tube as it rolls through the CNC tube bender at a maximum speed of 12” per second.

    As the PLC monitors the position of the tube, a servo powered hydraulic ram moves in and out forming the programmed radii.

    Winton’s newly updated software includes a CE approved PLC that utilizes a state-of-the-art technology. The CNC software for the PLC has been written to allow for an ease of part processing, translating into more parts through the machine per hour increasing productivity.
    Built on a stout blanchard ground plate, this CNC roll bender is designed for production. An optional high torque drive is offered for extra tight radius bending. The TR40 roll bender can be coupled with an optional bundle loader. A bundle loader automatically loads one tube after the next, freeing up the operator to perform another task. This providing a higher efficiency production environment.

  • About Company
    Winton Machine Company

    Winton designs and builds CNC tube benders, manual tube benders, CNC roll benders, CNC coax benders, tube end formers, manual hand tube benders, serpentine tube benders, vertical compression tube benders, CNC tube cutters, tube straighteners, CNC coax cutters, and a variety of other tube fabrication machinery in the United States.

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