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    CNC woodworking router

    TYPE MY-C1325W
     X,Y Working Area 1250mm * 2500mm
     Z Working Area 150mm
     Table Size 1480×3000mm
     Max. Running Speed 12m/min
     Max.Working Speed 9m/min
     Positioning Precision 0.03mm
     Repeating Positioning Precision 0.02mm
     Operation command G Code*.u00*.mmg*.plt
     Software Running Environment Windows98/2000/xp
     Drive Type Stepper
     Spindle RMP 0-24000rpm/min
     Voltage AC380V 50Hz
     Power of Spindle 3.0kw
     Operation System NC Studio (PCI card control)
     Package Size 3200mm * 1830mm * 1640mm
     Gross Wieght 1100kg
     Optional Device Dust Collecting System
    Vacuum Table and Vacuum Pump--Not compatible with Spray Cooling System
    DSP Hand Held Controller--Offline Control
    3.5kw Italy ELTE Spindle
    Z axis Tool Sensor
    Rotary Attachment--Material Diameter to be held: 100mm
    Rotary Attachment--Material Diameter to be held: 200mm
    Oil Lubrication System--For Guide Rail
    Spray Cooling System--Not compatible with Vacuum Table System
    200mm Z axis Stroke

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    Wisely Laser Machinery Limited

    Wisely Laser manufactures a comprehensive range of laser cutting and marking systems powered by world-leading laser brands such as IPG/SPI for fibre lasers, Synrad and Coherent CO2 marking machines, and GSI and RECI CO2 engraving and cutting systems. We bring you new concepts of industrial laser systems – proudly designed and built right here in China.