• Specs
    Convert Specs to Metric
    330.693 T
    19.69 "
    Shut Height
    41.34 "
    18 spm
  • Product Overview


    1. Welded steel plate framework with cross beam, column and the base tightened and combined into one body by taut bolts.

    2. Slide guiding adopts eight-face orthogonal guide rail.

    3. Pneumatic friction clutch and brake.

    4. Equipped with hydraulic overload protecting device.

    5. Automatic oil lubrication system with regular time and capacity.

    6. Duplex valves imported.

    7. Controlled by PLC with international brand.

    8. Buttons, indicators, AC contactors, air circuit breakers and other controlling devices are imported from international brand.

    9. Durable loop control by imported electronic and mechanical cam controller.

    10. Optional: air cushion included, front-back moving bolster, hydraulic cushion, low speed shut height adjustment and transmission system, light curtain.

  • About Company
    World Precise Machinery (Nanjing) Co.,Ltd.

    World Precise Machinery Group was established in 1953, includes World Precise Machinery Co, World Heavy Tools Co, World Numerical Control Co, World Casting Co, World Marketing Co, World Shenyang Co, World Group was listed on Singapore Stock Exchange (stock code B49.SI) in 2006, annual sales arrives 300 million yuan ( $50 million ), World Group has more than 10,000 employee, 700,000 square meters factory workshop, vendor of BMW, Volkswagen, Hyundai, KIA, Samsung, Sony, Haier, TCL, GREE, VATTI, SUPOR etc, less than one hour reach Shanghai by Train, obtain CE certification. Website Email / Featured Products are, C-Frame Press Machine. H-Frame Press Machine. Mechanical Press Machine. Power Press. Punching Press. Gap Press Machine. C type press machine. Open type press machine. Straight side press machine. Sing Point Press Machine. Double Points Press Machine. Pneumatic Press Machine. Inclinable Press Machine. Deep Throat Press Machine. Fixed Bolster Press Machine.

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