WYJC C6150WX2000

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Type:Engine Lathes
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Swing:19.69 "
Centers:78.74 "
Spindle Bore:3.15 "
RPM:1725 rpm
Swing Over Cross Slide:11.22 "

Product Overview

Model C6250Wx2000
床身上最大工件回转直径Max.Swing.over bed Φ500 mm
中拖板上最大工件回转直径Max.Swing.over cross slide Φ285 mm
马鞍上最大工件回转直径Max.Swing.over gap Φ750 mm
最大加工长度Max.Swing.over 2000 mm
床身宽度 Bed width 400 mm
主轴通孔直径spindle bore Φ80 mm
主轴端部spindle nose A-8
主轴端锥度Taper inspindle nose MT#6
主轴转速级数Steps of spindle speeds 17
主轴转速范围Range of spindle speeds 25-1600rpm r/min
纵向进给量范围Range of longitudinal feeds 0.07-5.51 mm
横向进给量范围Range of cross feeds 0.032-2.5 mm
公制螺纹Metric thread range 0.45-160(51 kinds) mm
英制螺纹Inch screw thread range 80-7/23(56 kinds) TPI
径节螺纹Inch screw thread range 160-7/16(48 kinds) DP
模数螺纹Inch screw thread range 0.25-80(44 kinds) MP
Max.cross slide travel 300 mm
Max.compiund slide travel 150 mm
尾架套筒行程el of tailstock quill 150 mm
尾架套筒直径Diameter of tailstock quill Φ75 mm
尾架套筒孔锥度Taper of tailstock quill MT#5
Main moter 功率 Power 7.5 Kw
Coolant pump 功率 Power 40 Kw

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WYJC C6150WX2000

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