WYJC GH-2060

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Type:Engine Lathes
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Swing:19.69 "
Centers:59.06 "
Spindle Bore:3.15 "
RPM:1600 rpm
Swing Over Cross Slide:12.99 "

Product Overview

Model GH-2060
床身上最大工件回转直径Max.Swing.over bed Φ500(20〞) mm
中拖板上最大工件回转直径Max.Swing.over cross slide Φ330(13〞) mm
马鞍上最大工件回转直径Max.Swing.over gap Φ746(29.4〞) mm
最大加工长度Max.Swing.over 1000(40〞), 1500(60〞) mm
床身宽度 Bed width 340 mm
主轴内孔锥度Taper of spindle bore MT#6
主轴通孔直径spindle bore Φ80(3-1/8〞) mm
主轴转速级数Steps of spindle speeds 12steps
主轴转速范围Range of spindle speeds 40-1600rpm r/min
主轴端部Spindle nose D-8
公制螺纹Metric thread range 0.1-144(41kinds) mm
英制螺纹Inch screw thread range 2~112(60kinds) TPI
径节螺纹Inch screw thread range 4~112(50kinds) DP
模数螺纹Inch screw thread range 0.1~7(34kinds) MP
纵向进给量范围Range of longitudinal feeds 0.0325-1.76(0.0012-0.0672〞in/rev) mm
横向进给量范围Range of cross feeds 0.014-0.736(0.0005〞-0.0288〞in/rev) mm
主丝杆直径Diameter of leadscrew Φ36(1.41〞) mm
主丝杆螺距Pitch thread of leadscrew 6(4T.P.I) mm
Max.cross slide travel 220(9〞) mm
Max.compiund slide travel 120(4-3/4〞) mm
尾架套筒行程el of tailstock quill 13(5〞) mm
尾架套筒直径Diameter of tailstock quill Φ70(2-3/4) mm
尾架套筒孔锥度Taper of tailstock quill MT#4
主电机功率Main motor power 5.5(7-1/2HP) Kw

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WYJC GH-2060

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