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Type:Vertical Machining Centers
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X:31.5 "
Y:19.69 "
Z:23.62 "
Table-W:19.69 "
Table-L:39.37 "

Product Overview

X轴 X Axis 800mm
Y轴 Y Axis 500mm
Z轴Z Axis 600mm
主轴中心至立柱导轨距离Distance between Spindle center and column guide way 580mm
主轴端面至工作台面距离Distance between Spindle and face and work table surface 105-705mm
X轴快速移动X Axis Quick Travel 30m/min
Y轴快速移动Y Axis Quick Travel 30m/min
Z轴快速移动Z Axis Quick Travel 30m/min
切削进给Feeding 1-10000mm/min
工作台面积 work Table 500X1000mm
最大承重 Max.Loading Weight 800kg
T型槽 T-slot 5-18X100mm
主轴转速 Spindle Speeds 8000rpm
主轴锥孔(7:24)Taper of spindle Bore BT40
拉刀力 Broach force 8KN
刀柄型号 Tool Holder Type MAS403 BT40
拉钉型号 Blind Rivet Type MAS BT40-I
主电机功率Power of Main Motor 7.5/11KW
类型 Type 圆盘式Vertical
刀位 Tool Number 24T
刀具最大直径/长度/重量 Max.Diameter/length/weight of tool 80mm/300mm/7Kg
刀具最大直径(相邻无刀具)Max.Diamete of Too(Without Adjacent Cutting Tools) 130mm
换刀时间 Time of Changing Tools 1.8秒s
数控系统CNC Syatem FANUC Oi mate MD

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