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Type:CNC Lathes
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Bar Capacity:1.969 "
Max RPM:4500 rpm
Turning Dia:15.75 "
Swing:17.72 "
Machining Length:15.75 "

Product Overview

Model WXH-4545R
床面最大上回转直径mm Max.swing over bed Φ450
最大加工直径mm Max.machining diameter Φ400
刀架上最大加工直径mm Max.machining diameter over tool post Φ250
最大加工长度 mm Max.machining length 400
两顶尖距离mm Distance between centers 520
主轴头形式 Type of spindle head A2-6 8寸
主轴机电功率 Spindle motor power 15kw
主轴最高转数速Highest speed of spindle 4500rmp
主轴孔直径mm Diameter of spindle bore Φ62
棒料通径 mm Diameter of bar-stock bore Φ50
X/Z轴快速位移X/Z axis fast displacement 24/24m/min
最大切削进给率Max.cutting feed range 10m/min
X轴极限行程 X-axis stroke limit 225
Z轴极限行程Z-axis stroke limit 520
排刀工作台尺寸/可选装刀塔Row knife table size/turret as optional 液压刀塔(双向)Hydraulic(double direction)
电动刀塔Electric turret(single direction)
刀位数 Number of cutter locations 8-12pcs
标准刀柄尺寸Standard size of tool holder 20X20 20X20
电动刀塔25X25 Electric turret 25X25
可安装刀塔中心高尺寸Center height of turret 80
系统 System FANUC Oi-mate TD

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