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Type:Engine Lathes


Swing:12.99 "
Centers:39.37 "
Spindle Bore:1.496 "

Product Overview

Swing over bed 330mm(13")
Swing over cross slide 198mm(7-25/32")
Swing in gap diameter 476mm(18-3/4")
length in gap 210mm(8-1/4")
Center height 166mm(6-1/2")
Admits between 750mm(30") or 1000mm(40")
Spindle bore 38mm(1-1/2") or 40mm(1-9/16")
Spindle nose D1-4 or D1-5
Taper in nose No5 morse
Speeds number 8
Speeds range 70-2000r/min
Cross slide travel 170mm(6-11/16")
Compound rest travel 95mm(3-9/16")
Lead screw thread 8T.P.I. or 3mm pitch
Feed rod diameter 19mm(3/4")
Cutting tool max section 16mm×16mm(5/8"×5/8")
Threads imperial pitches 42 Nos. 4-112T.P.I
Threads metric pitches 44 Nos. 0.1-7mm
Threads diametral pitches 25 Nos. 16-112DP
Threads module pitches 34 Nos. 0.1-1.75MP
Longitudinal feeds imperial 24 Nos. 0.00168-0.1175"/rev
Longitudinal feeds metric 24 Nos. 0.046-3.249 mm/rev
Cross feeds imperial 32 Nos. 0.00046-0.03231"/rev
Cross feeds metric 24 Nos. 0.01-0.703 mm/rev
Quill diameter 32mm(1-1/4") or 42mm(1-21/32")
Quill travel 100mm(3-15/16")
Quill taper No3 morse
Main motor power 1.5kW (2HP)
Coolant pump power 40W (1/16HP)
Packing size (cm) 168×76×153(750mm) or 193×76×153(1000mm)
NG/GW (kg) 510/630(750mm) or 540/645(1000mm)

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