• Specs
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    Bar Capacity
    2.441 "
    Turning Dia
    6.299 "
    23.62 "
    Machining Length
    15.32 "
  • Product Overview

    Capacity Swing over bed Ø600
    Swing over saddle Ø450
    Distance between center -
    Max. machining dia. Ø160
    Max. machining length STD:389 (23.43) (A2-6); OPT:375 (30.62) (A2-8)
    Distance between noses 774
    Slant angle of bed 30˚
    Travel range X-axis 774 (30.47)
    Y-axis -
    Z-axis 500
    C-axis 360˚ ( 0.001˚ )
    W-axis 450
    Spindle Spindle speeds (rpm) Main spindle
    Spindle nose STD:A2-6; OPT:A2-8 , Built-in SpindleA2-6
    Spindle bore dia. STD: Ø62(A2-6); OPT: Ø86(A2-8)
    Front bearing dia. STD: Ø100(A2-6); OPT: Ø120(A2-8)
    Bar capacity STD: 52; OPT: 75
    Chuck diameter C: Ø 8”; C(OPT): Ø 10”
    Turret Type Live-tooling
    Stations STD:12; OPT:8
    Model TBMR200/12DX(long)
    Square tool shank 25
    Boring bar shank diameter Ø40
    Indexing time (sec) 0.1
    Live-tool Spindle speeds (rpm) 50~4000
    Feedrate Rapid traverse (M/min) X:16, Z:20, W:16, C:200min-¹
    Tailstock Quill diameter -
    Tapered bore type -
    Quill travel -
    Motors Main spindle (kW) STD:α22ip 11/15; OPT:α30ip 15/18.5;
    Sub-spindle(kW) α6 5.5/7.5
    Live-tool (kW) α3 3.7/5.5
    X/Z-axis servo motor (kW) X:α12 3.0, Z:α12 3.0, W:α12 3.0
    Hydraulic oil pump (kW) 1.5
    Chip conveyor (kW) 0.2
    Coolant pump (kW) 0.8
    Power Requirement (KVA) STD:30; OPT:34
    Machine size Height 1844
    Floor space (L x W) 2870 ×1953
    Weight (w/cnc) (kgs) 6200

  • About Company

    YIDA was established in April 2004 by Dr. Pu Hong-Yen. Based on the business operation spirits of humanism, innovation and technology, as well as three main appeals of “customers first”, YIDA Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. has been adhering to the three principles of “teamwork, sustained product development, and relentless quest for high quality”. From the very beginning, YIDA Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. has demonstrated strong ambition and has made shining sales records amounting to nearly $100 million in less than one year. At present, distributor orders have been growing steadily. New development of distributors in Europe and America has been on the increase. Employees are the most important asset of a company. YIDA Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. regards its employees as the most important key to success in future global competition. Professionalism, attitude and integrity are the fundamental requirements imposed by YIDA Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. on all employees. In company operation, emphasis is placed on efficiency and performance to “do the right thins in the proper ways”. Therefore, attitude has become the key point. Spontaneity, aggressiveness, sharing and teamwork are the working attitudes of YIDA Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.’s employees. Running a business is for the purpose of sustainable development. Most enterprises place their emphasis on product development, marketing and after service. YIDA Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. Has planted the concept of “integrity” in all employees, in the hope of ensuring sustainable operation in this age of uncertainty. Innovation is priceless. In the world of precision machinery, we meet unlimited loads of challenges on daily basis. Every touch of innovation brings some colorful taste to the seemingly hard and cold machines. Differentiation in the products could involve additional functions, precision or enhancement of stability, and renovation of marketing approaches. Each innovation idea brings the company another edge in market competition, developing even a certain extent of commercial threshold, leaving other competitors far behind. Technology is the base of industry. Relentlessly seeking technological breakthrough, we provide customers with more competitive products. Through our won R&D programs, YIDA Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. has technical exchanges with concerned research agencies and supplies from both home and abroad, in order to obtain leading technology for current and future products. YIDA Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. and its supply chain system are joining hands and helping each other in the promotion of OEM project, sharing of resources, recruiting of global talents, etc., demonstrating the face that YIDA Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is marching towards global operation and business globalization. “Commitment “ is the business principle of YIDA Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. and a commitment is worth a thousand gold.

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