• About Company
    Yeou Yuan Machine Ltd.

    Founded 1992 Dept.& Production Machining Dept. / Precision machining of parts Automatic Equipment Dept./ Coil winding machine Certification Received certification for qualification as a defense industry domestic manufacturer in 2003. SGS ISO9001-2000-UKAS Quality Management System Certification in 2006. GE Supplier Orientation Training Certification from Aerospace Industry Development Corporation of Taichung, Taiwan in 2007. Certification from Aerospace Industry Development. Corporation of Taichung, Taiwan for having met the requirements of its Quality System Level AIDC S-200 in 2007. GE Aviation certification for completing GE Aircraft Engines Supplier Quality Requirement Classroom Seminar in 2007. About Us: In the south of Taiwan, there’s a factory surrounded by green rice fields and warm light from the setting sun. Every employee in the factory enjoys brainstorming for customers’ products. From initial design through product development to full production release, we pour efforts and enthusiasm into every phase. We are delighted to work and serve people in which we see our own growth and friendship with customers. Our Pride Progress: We progress because we care for R&D and our staff. Trust : We are worthy to be trusted because we are faithful and dignity in business.

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