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YI FONG 773-05 M3X24

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Model:773-05 M3X24
Type:Cold Headers


Yi Fong was established in the 1989, grinding various kinds of surface of precision slide and precision hydraulic vices in specialty in initial stage.In order to improving the quality and technology constantly, devoted to manufacturing various kinds of slides and special-purposal machine units .The products are suitable for the mechanical component of automatic production. In the procedure of manufacturing, using CAD to design the products, in order to strengthen the structure and precision of the slide, the sliding surface of the slide are processing surface hardening treatment of high frequency and precision grinding. And to ensure the quality of product. Our company has been established for nearly 20 years so far, in order to meet the ever-changing market's needs and improvement manufacturing professional technique and quality, it to moving and expanding of company.

YI FONG 773-05 M3X24