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    Unequal Helix Square End Mill 4T

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    Established in 2001, Yida Precision Tools Co., LTD is located at the epicenter of Taiwan's largest industrial zone, Taichung City, where we are surrounded with abundant industrial resources. Founded with the ideal that each step in the process of creating our products should be pursued with innovative ideas and technologies, Yida is committed to manufacturing tools that meet the highest standards of production while remaining cost effective for our demanding customers. Our highly capable technicians bring with them decades worth of combined experience spanning skills from the traditional welding of cutting tools to expertise in high precision solid carbide end mills used in the creation and manufacture of our product line. Every customer's order passes through a series of inspections that starts from the selection of the raw metal rods, the subsequent steps in their machining and on through to the completion of the final product. At Yida, we insist on maintaining the highest standards of quality control so that we may reach the greatest levels of customer satisfaction and meet the demands of our end users. In order to reach our goals, we not only use the best Auto-CNC machining equipment made in Germany, but also invest in the continued research and development of carbide cutting tools by using high precision measuring equipment that allows us achieve the most exacting standards. As a result, we are able to meet the needs of our customers by being able to customize each order to their needs. Yida tools brings together high precision, high quality tools that are not only reliable, but cost effective as well.