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YMT SMV-1060

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Type:Vertical Machining Centers


X:40.2 "
Y:23.6 "
Z:21.6 "
Power:15 hp
RPM:10000 rpm
# ATC:24
Table-W:19.7 "
Table-L:43.3 "
# Axis:3
Control:CNC (FANUC 0iMD)
Dimensions:147" X 86.6" X 100.8"
Weight:14,300 LBS
YMT, Inc.

About YMT, Inc.

Our goal is to provide top tier machining tools and complete manufacturing solutions to its North American customers. Therefore continuing expansion of product lines to include vertical turning centers and CNC rotary tables will be on this year's agenda for the company as well.

YMT SMV-1060