• Specs
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    Rect-Cap (H)
    8.661 "
    Rect-Cap (W)
    12.6 "
    9.843 "
    Blade Width
    1.063 "
    Blade Thickness
    0.0354 "
    Blade Length
    138 "
  • About Company

    at the zhejiang yandang mountain machine tool company we've had just one focus for over 22 years. make better band saw machines,saw blades and saw accessories and get them to customers on time.we only make these.we do one thing and we do it very well. the single-minded devotion has led to some unique innovations over the years,we are constantly looking for ways to build even more durability into our products while driving production costs down. the result is a collection of high value industrial band saw machines and blades that top the charts in performance and quality.

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