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Type:Test Benches
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Control:CNC (PLC)

Product Overview

It's mostly suitable for the seal pressure of the flange straight connection valve and performance test of the valve body
strength pressure; The packing method adopts the flange terminal seal, holds the press claw clamp and carries out the
working test to the valve flange reverse side. The test result has no the influence of outside force, fully meet the
GB/T 13927-2008, JB/T 9092-99, the API 598 requirements.

Zhejiang Youji Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd

About Zhejiang Youji Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd

Zhejiang Youji Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd is specialized in producing hydraulic test bench for valve sector. Our factory has a young while knowledgeable team which consists of professional engineers and mechanic technicians aiming to develop “Horizontal, vertical, diving style, top-press-style” product line. According to GB/T13 “Universal Valve Pressure Test”, JB/T9092-99 “Valve Inspection And Testing” & API598-99 standard, we designed a new generation of hydraulic valve test bench, this series product fully equipped with manual&auto option, liquid storage and recycling system, functional 90 degree rotation design, applicable to all types of high and medium pressure valve shell and seat performance test which widely used both at home and abroad.


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