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    With »roboSet/genius 3«, even complex tool parameters can be processed in a fully automatic way. The automatic »roboSet« loading station loads the ZOLLER »genius 3« universal measuring machine around the clock all by itself. Predefined component and measuring program selection in the „Pallet management“ in »pilot 3.0« allows recording and logging more than 50 different measuring parameters with microprecision and without any operator intervention. Mechanical disconnection of the measuring machine from the loading station assures the highest standards of measuring accuracy. After completing the checking procedures, the faulty tools are already separated from the correct ones. Operation is of convincing simplicity: press the Start button of the »pilot« image processing software and automatic operation commences.

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    E. Zoller GmbH & Co. KG

    Since 1945, ZOLLER has had one focus - providing cutting-edge solutions for tool presetters, measuring and inspection machines and tool management software. We have gone to great measures to provide the best technology, highest quality, and exceptional customer service and support. Our focus and commitment has made ZOLLER the world leader in tool presetting, as well as tool measuring and inspection machines. ZOLLER measures tools to two-thousandths of a millimeter -- quickly, simply, accurately and guaranteed! Accuracy means less waste, less CNC machine down time and more profit.

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