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Surplex GmbH
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Surplex is among the leading European providers with a full range of services in the market for second-hand machines and is active on a worldwide basis.

The core of our business is the sale of used machines and plants for the metal, woodwork and synthetic material industries.

Mostly we sell fast and efficiently directly from the location of the machine. wherever possible, our customers will be able to inspect the machine thoroughly with regard to its condition whilst still in the production stage. machines that do not stay with the vendor will be disassembled by trained experts and marketed directly from the warehouse. again we provide prospective buyers with comprehensive technical information, videos etc. these so-called "sales by private contract", which you can find in our internet marketplace, are always used in cases where individual machines or small quantities of industrial goods are to be sold.

If large quantities of remaining stocks, entire machine parks or complete plants are to be sold, industrial auctions are the means of choice. in this area, surplex has particular strengths. names such as abb, bayer, daimler, linde and thyssenkrupp are found on the reference list. we accept all tasks before, during and after an auction. this includes, for example, the valuation and stocktaking of the machines and also clearing the workshops and their handover in a swept clean condition.

Surplex raises the expertise of machine dealers, agents and industrial liquidators and provides solutions all from a single source!