KRAFT MU-32SRFresadoras tipo Porta Herramientas Horiz & Vert

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"★ Modular design with variants ★ Superb robust structure for big chip removal ★ Patented-design of a servo motor drive for feeding on X/Y/Z axes. Boring function can be done ★ Feed selection among X / Y / Z axes via one lever only, easier operation, avoiding interference of axes ★ Big travel: Ram stroke for extended cross feed length and wider cutting scope ★ High versatility: Universal milling head with 2 x 45° swivel shells that swivels 360° left to right and 0-90° up to down for high versatile vertical, horizontal and universal machining in a semi-sphere scope ★ Universal head and horizontal spindle equipped for multi-surfaces machining with just one clamp ★ Easy to operate, less service required"


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Tamaño de la Mesa-A
12.6 "
Tamaño de la Mesa-L
50 "
3 hp

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