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anbang corporation is a professional manufacturer in producing iron craftwork process equipment which founded in 1996. the whole series of manual and time controlled electric iron craft fitting machinery and sold well in more than 30 provinces of china and expand well markets in europe, north america, japan, south korea and various countries of southeast asia. it is well received by home and abroad customers. the equipment has got certain popularity and good reputation, and made a due contribution to the development of the iron craft trade.

through 11 years? striving, anbang has already developed into a standard mechanical processing enterprise with a large scale 30 acres occupation and 9000m2 construction area. 300 employees, 29 scientific staff and more than 80 various large machines. in addition, the factory has mould making workshop, iron skill workshop, press and forge workshop, cast steel workshop, the factory produces two main categories including 29 kinds of iron craft equipment, all kinds of iron mould and more than 1000 kinds of iron craft in shape of flowers and leaves, and iron craft semi-finished articles. in 2007, we are developing the new program controlled equipments. anbang developing with the ?elaboration to face the world? corporation idea and mindful conception bring in new products; drive the iron craft trade to under way.

recently years, with the enlargement of the company?s scale, and the improvement of the professional technique, anbang receives various kinds of iron craft projects and will free offering the marketing plan, professional technology guidance, computer designing for iron craft and the painting technical to customers.

anbang will devote itself to the iron craft's development of china, and our equipment is willing to be as he foundation for those who want to success in this trade.