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Bananza is an industry leader of Direct-Fired Make Up Air Heaters for the vehicle paint spray finishing market and HVAC equipment for space heating, cooling and building pressurization.

The name BANANZA ® is associated with excellent support and the company is known for make up air units for the vehicle finishing industry. If your vehicle paint spray booth needs a gas direct-fired make up air heater or a gas indirect-fired make up air heater, or your shop needs a unit heater or an energy efficient gas-fired low-intensity, infrared unitary heater, you can turn to Bananza.

With our broad range of quality HVAC products, Bananza can address many heating, cooling and/or building pressurization needs. Our product selection includes: direct fired systems, indirect fired systems, roof top units, air turnover units, warm air (forced air) unit heaters and low-intensity infrared heaters (a.k.a. tube, stick, unitary heaters).