Blasdel Enterprises is a leading manufacturer of custom heat and motion technologies, including infrared ovens, high volume air ovens, convection ovens, conveyors, control panels, and thermoforming ovens. Bill and Jackie Blasdel established Blasdel Enterprises in 1982 as an expansion of the WB Panel Company, originally founded in 1974, along with the assets from Industrial Ovens (Dial-O-Temp) and Ceramic Oven companies. We design infrared and high-velocity air ovens, control panels, conveyors, pick and place robots and other specialty equipment. In 1986, a new 30,000 square foot facility was built which helped expand the infrared oven business by adding assembly of bag packaging machines for American Newlong, Inc.

With customers in a variety of markets including automotive, medical, construction, furniture and appliances utilizing diverse substrates such as plastic, metal, wood and glass, Blasdel Enterprises has the experience to design equipment for your application. A full scale production lab set up enables our engineering team to recommend the best oven for you based on actual test results.

We take pride in manufacturing in house nearly every component in our oven systems. Well equipped with machine tools, fabrication equipment and AutoCAD, Blasdel can control quality, delivery, costs and design specifications to provide the best value in ovens, conveyors and control panels.

Blasdel Enterprises, Inc, is a family business focusing on customer services and satisfaction. We have the capacity not only to meet the needs of large corporation, but also provide affordable custom designed equipment to small companies.