Chaoyang Bowen Machine Tool Co., Ltd was founded in 1965, is the Ministry of machinery industry vertical grinder sentinel professional production plant, is Chinese machine tool industry association and Chinese Mould Industry Association member units. In 2003 by the Chaoyang machine factory (1965-2003) for the conversion of Chaoyang Bowen machine limited company, the total assets of 61000000 yuan, the existing staff of 260 people. In 2011 to achieve the economic income of 70000000 yuan, 6700000 yuan in profits and taxes. The company has the technology development department, received the title of municipal technology center, has 70 engineering and technical personnel. The research and development of new products is committed to the vertical shaft rotary surface grinder, CNC vertical internal cylindrical grinder, CNC vertical grinder, CNC vertical lathe, grinding wheel mobile tool grinder and other products.
  The company is equipped with QC and lab GLOBAL bridge three coordinate measuring machine and MJS5C double frequency laser interferometer, TH - 140 and CS - 282 on the Richter scale sclerometer carbon sulfur analyzer, computer digital display 7277 spectrophotometer and other key measurement instrument, in 2005 January passed the ISO9001-2000 quality system certification, the products from the design to the factory service is always in the system of quality control.