Xiang-yu machine tool co.,ltd. is set research and development,production,sales,which integrates specialized machinery manufacturing company.
the company has been the strength of his strong rapid development, in terms of quality,service,circulation and marketing have made remarkable achievements. a good reputation and operational concepts, innovative development.
the company has strong technical strength ,advanced production equipment and strict testing process. leading products include:four-pillar hydraulic machines,single-arm hydraulic machine,cnc hydraulic double-action tensile machine linkage hydraulic machine,hydraulic forging manufacturing equipment broaching machine,and so is widely used in industrial production, especially the production of automobile parts and components industry.
xiang-yu company of “sincere,friendly,integration,cooperation,”and adhere to the “customer’s success is our success,” business philosophy ,for the vast number of customer support over the years,and expect to be more customer support and love,and constantly promote greater development and progress.