Our company is Producing RKC serials metal plate V grooving machine. With 10 years cooperation with china famous institute, Our product technology grew rapidly. From old VBK serials, QKC02, QKC03, 05RKC, now we are mainly making 06RKC CNC high speed, high accuracy V grooving machine. We applied many our own several patent on the new model. the machine is widely used in domestic and many foreign countries. Customers are Happy with machine performance and quality and introduced many friends to us. We believe only quality and technology is the resean of alive in the market.
V grooving machine(V-groover, slotting machine) is mainly used to carve stainless steel, mild steel, copper plate, Aluminum plate, is widely used in decoration industry. the metal plate is perfectly protected during carving. after V grooving, the plate can be bended on hydraulic press brake. then we can get very shining and beautiful corner. the finished products is very common in super shopping center, international airport shops. and the technology is also used for model instruments, like bullet train, aircraft

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