会社:Dan di De Antoni Srl
場所:Localita' Buonvicino SS.11
Coccaglio (BS), Lombardia 25030


DAN TECHNOLOGY DE ANTONI has more than one century experience in the mechanical and automation field and 30 years ( since 1973) in the specific line of grinding, polishing, and satin finishing of metals and other materials.

The Company is performing its activity with the cooperation of 70 specialized technicians, on an area of 20.000 square meters of which 7.000 covered for the production and 1.500 for offices and services.

All the components of the machines, and all the electric and electronic equipment, are realized inside DAN’ s facilities as well as the assembling and the final running test, for granting total control and complete reliability of the units.

DAN TECHNOLOGY di DE ANTONI is planning and constructing rotating table machines, manual and semi - automatic machines and robotic units for articles with different geometric shapes and different materials for which is necessary the operation of grinding - deburring, polishing - mirror finishing, satin finishing.

His exclusive technology allows to obtain considerable productive advantages, such as perfect final quality of the product and considerable reduction of the programming time and of the consumption of the tools.

The long experience of DAN TECHNOLOGY DE ANTONI in the precision mechanic, his remarkable “machining and work centres”, always renewed, the intelligent work of his team of technicians, allow to realize customized plants for specific needs, according to the qualitative and quantitative requirements of the customers.