covered with massive source of r&d, for the purpose of create the mutual benefit. ding-koan machinery co.,ltd was established in dec 2004. we adhere to the principles of “technology innovation”, “better and better”, “brave but cautious” and “incomparable commercial opportunity”. we specialized in cnc housing type machining center, horizontal milling machine, housing type grinding machine and housing type milling machine. by following the operation policy of company, we keep developing the processing machinery with high quality and high precision, automation and multi-function. improving the function of product, prolonging the life of usage and making the parts are usable in common, in order to providing the prompt and most satisfied service for customer all over the world.

 following the trend of industrial technique progress locally, and the improvement from the domestic market to the overseas market. we aggressively involve new and latest technology, in order to maintain the technology for the purpose of r&d and production. we continuously develop new models of products, to maintain and strengthen our strength in technology for long term development.

 we specialized in manufacturing high speed, precision, multi-function housing type processing machine. dk models is the special development, dk-cnc double column machining centre cross-rail movable type. is designed for economic requirement. from analysis mode of mechanic construction to application of computer analysis, we are looking for the better and best design, which can simplify the operation, stabilize the quality, and makes the processing more efficiency.

 our company management is including the department of design, assembly and after service. the working text is distributed according to the requirement at modifying and testing for products, production cost reducing and quality improvement. on model dk-cnc, to set the control path by using computer programming for cutting operation, further more, higher quality of stability and mobility, according to the customer’s suggestion and demand to complete the products improvement and after-sell service promptly.