Dirinler Machinery Industry and Trading Co., Ltd. was established in 1952 in Izmir. Currently, 12 000 m2 covered a total area of 24,000 m2, capacity of 15 tons and 50 tons of C-type Eccentric Presses, H-type of 30 tons to 1000 tons capacity Eccentric Presses, capacity 60 tons to 160 tons of C-type Hydraulic Presses, capacity of 250 tons and 1000 tons of H-type hydraulic presses are manufactured. In addition, a first in Turkey, Modified Knuckle Joint Presses production performed in our facilities. We manufacture mainly presses, forging, cutting, bending, shallow and deep drawing, punching and forming, etc.. operations are performed. All our products are guaranteed for a period of two years is within our long-term service and spare parts to our customers can be guaranteed. At the same time giving free investment advisory services, and special projects, special presses are manufactured according to customer demands. Our vision is unlimited customer satisfaction, our products "MADE OF LIABILITY INSURANCE" are available. www.dirinler.com.tr from the internet, please visit our company.