In regards to assembling, sorting, feeding, closures and controlling Eckel & Sohn`s machines simply lead the field.

When it comes to the fully automated assembly of multi-part closures, Eckel & Sohn offer individual solutions with an all encompassing assortment of machines and many years of experience.

Eckel & Sohn offer you a "full service" from A-Z: conceptual design, planning, development, optimisation, assembly, and placing into operation, as well as the retrofitting of existing machines, maintenance and service of our systems.

Quality made in Gau-Odernheim near Mainz, Germany, for over 50 years. Our almost 80 highly qualified employees design and manufacture technological innovations.

More than 10,000 of our machines are running in continuous operation worldwide.

Eckel & Sohn manufacture the most diverse closure systems, such as caps and screw caps of multi-fold forms for bottles, glasses and cans.