Appointed by former state machinery ministry state-owned enterprise, HUBEI EZHONG HEAVY MACHINERY CO., LTD (hereinafter abbreviated as EZHONG) is a professional rolling machine manufacturer who has produced the largest level-down three-roller rolling machine and highest-rigidity rolling-plate leveling machine and the largest axle-pressing machine in China. Ezhong’s complete production process, including design, manufacturing, sales, and after-sales service, is under the control of “GB/T 19001-2000-ISO9001:2000” standard. Through years of development and renewal of the technology, Ezhong’s products are very competitive now.
Since 1996, Ezhong has been holding 90% or more of China market share. EZW11S-100×3200mm Hydraulic computer-controlled level-down three-roller rolling machine was granted as NATIONAL PRODUCTS in 1998 and EZW11S-140×4000mm Hydraulic computer-controlled level-down three-roller rolling machine granted NATIONAL PRODUCTS in 2005. Meanwhile, individual-roller driven rolling machines was listed in NATIONAL TORCH PLAN PROJECTS in 1999.