Guilin Machine Tool Co. Ltd (GMTC) is reorganized based on Guilin Machine Tool Plant in 1993. GMTC has experienced miserable, eventful, striving and innovative development for 55 years, and now it is facing forwards the world with thriving heroic bearing.
The company is consisted of 17 manufacturing workshops and 16 departments, owns all kinds of machining equipments and more than 1000 sets of quality measuring instruments, which are worth of RMB 490 million totally. It is one of the 500 biggest Machinery Enterprises in China, has the reputation of the 20 Top Manufacturers and the 10 best qualified brand of Machine Tool in domestic market, honored with the high-tech Enterprise of Guangxi Province and Model Enterprise of Technical Center with CNC. GMTC is the industrial base of producing and exporting machine commodities of Foreign Economic Relation & Trade of Guangxi Province and also the manufacturing base of Automatic Universal Milling Head with CNC and Ram-type Milling Machine.