Guangdong Province Dongguan Motor Co., Ltd (“Dongguan Motor)) is a joint stock cooperative non-governmental enterprise transformed from the former Dongguan Motor Factory. It has a history of more than 60 years in the production of motors. In addition, it has the right to run exports and imports itself. Dongguan Motor has built garden-like plants with factory area up to 80,000m² and floor area up to 45,000m². At present, it has approximately 800 employees and more than 70 technicians including more than 40 employees with intermediate and senior titles. With more than 450 sets of major equipment, it has an annual motor production capacity of of 2 million KW with annual production value up to RMB 330 million.
We mainly have such products as Huanqiu Series Y and Y2 motors, YFD Series low-noise motors for fan application, Series YSJ motors for plastic injection machine, Series YB2 flameproof and explosion-proof motors, Series YVF inverter duty motors, YA-WF Series explosion-proof chemical corrosion-proof motors, Series Y-WF chemical corrosion-proof motors and derivative series, Series Y and YKK highh voltage motors and the high efficiency motors Series DG and NEMA motors with EM2 ,which have been exported to Australia,new zealand ,Europe and and North America..