Machining centers for all your applications:
The German machine tool manufacturer Handtmann A-Punkt Automation GmbH has been one on the world's leading manufacturers of 5-axis HSC/HPC machining centers for almost 30 years. Our machines are as different as the requirements of our customers. Thanks to modular machine concepts, we do not just cover a wide range of different applications, but we are also able to meet the specific needs of individual applications and we can find the ideal solution for your machining requirements. Handtmann machining centers are used in a wide range of different industries (aerospace, curtain wall, mold and die, automotive, metal construction, energy and many more) and offer unique versatility for many different applications in terms of type, form, size, complexity and machining strategy when cutting materials such as composites, aluminum, steel and titanium. We cover the whole workpiece spectrum from small parts with a size from approx. 50 mm (approx. 2 in) diameter up to large parts with dimensions of approx. 47,000 x 7,000 mm (approx. 1,850 x 276 in). 5-axis HSC/HPC machining centers from Handtmann are the perfect solution for cutting applications that demand productivity, precision and reliability. 5-axis simultaneous machining and complete machining of parts in as few set-ups as necessary provide for significantly reduced cycle times. Additional automation for even less non-productive time is a further major factor to increase productivity.

Handtmann is offering four product lines with different machine series within each line:
- Horizontal machining centers HBZ (HBZ Trunnion, HBZ CompactCell, HBZ AeroCell)
- Profile machining centers PBZ (PBZ SC, PBZ NT, PBZ HD)
- High moving portal machining centers GANTRY (GANTRY HD, GANTRY SD)
- Universal machining centers UBZ (UBZ HD, UBZ SD)

Member of a strong group with global presence:
As a member of the family-run Handtmann Group with over 3,600 employees worldwide, Handtmann interacts closely with its own branches (USA, Russia, China) as well as sales and service centers worldwide. The technological know-how with development, design, programming and assembly of the 5-axis machining centers is located in Baienfurt in Upper Swabia, Germany in order to guarantee the high quality standard "made in Germany".

Lived values, close cooperation:
Cooperation is one of the main guiding principles at Handtmann A-Punkt. Whether between customers, technical departments or suppliers: lived values promote good and reliable collaboration based on trust. In this way, we produce the best possible solution for you and realize "ideas for the future".

Handtmann CNC Technologies, Inc. is an affiliate company of the German machine tool manufacturer Handtmann A-Punkt Automation GmbH. With its principal office located in East Dundee, Illinois, Handtmann CNC Technologies has been the Handtmann subsidiary for the North American market since 2001.

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