Established in 1951, Hunan Machine Tool Manufacturing Co. Ltd. is the biggest manufacturer of Metal Cutting Saw Machines in China. Our main products including
1. Vertical Bandsaw Machine
-------Normal Vertical Bandsaw Machine
------Block Vertical Bandsaw Machine

2. Horizontal Bandsaw Machine
------- Swivel Horizontal Bandsaw Machine
--------Double Column Horizontal Bandsaw Machine
3. Circular saw Machine
-------- High Speed Circular Saw Machine
--------Carbide Circular Saw Machine
4.Special-purpose Saw Machine
------- Special designed for cutting aluminum material
-------- Special designed for cutting copper material
-------- Special designed for double direction of cutting and drilling hole.

5. bandsaw blade welding machine

The affiliated “Changsha Saw Machine Research Institute” of National Machinery Industry Bureau locates in the factory. With tremendous technical strength, 60 years experience in producing saw machines, we have advantages in designing & manufacturing large and special-purpose machine according to customer’s requirement. Our saw machines have been well received both in China and abroad.

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