hyfair international inc. is a company originated from taiwan. it is located in the heart of china's high tech industry zone for making products such as electronics, appliances, circuit board and so on with a land area of 38,000 square meters . it had inherited the traditional way of making precision grinding machine from taiwan and japan as well. even though it keep the customary way of making precision grinder, it has also equipped itself with the best state of the art technology available in the industry.
being one of the top brands manufactured in china, it also command the no.1 position as a leader in it's industry by number of units sold per year. it has obtained its' superior position in the industry by introducing "no question asked return policy" for it's product assurance in 2002 which made it's products unquestionable in it's industry.
it has evolved itself from a rather small company in 1999 into a considerably large size company in making precision grinding machine by the endorsement of it's commitment to quality and service of it's products from it's demanding customers.
to maintain it's leading position in the industry, hyfair has committed itself to a set of values for all it's management and production teams to follow in order to produce quality products for it's customer. it has demanded itself always excel standards set by national as well as international certification institutions. to conform itself to international standard, it has obtained iso 9001 in 2005.
being no.1 and to be no.1, hyfair has also persistently committed itself to sustainable research and development for it's range of products. comply to customer's satisfaction is it's final word in concluding it's introduction for this concise statements.