Jack Machine Holedings Group are the second largest industry, the existing Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Hunan, and other machine tool manufacturers rate 3 Industry. Products are widely used in automobiles, air conditioning, aircraft and other machinery manufacturing areas throughout the market all over the country and exported to Middle East, Southeast Asia and South America and other places.
Jack Holding Group is a cross-boundary, cross-industry manufacturing industries do not cross private group, now has, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Jiangxi, Hunan fout major production bases and industrial sewing machines, two machine toll industry, has won the competitiveness of Chinese enterprises 500,500 Chinese private enterprises, the Chinese corporate culture construction of advanced units and Chinese well-known trademarks, such as National Honor exemption.
Zhejiang Jack Machine Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. Is a professional 200 series cylindrical, oblique general, CNC modular enterprise, Jiangxi jack Machine Tool Co.,Ltd. Is a machine-building industry through the acquisition of key enterpriser in Jiangxi Province, the original ministry of machine-building fixed-point production of the crankshaft Jiangxi ji’an medium-sized grinder machine tool works on the foundation formed through the effective precipitation marry technology with industry the authority of the media referred to as Chinese machine tool industry of private mergers of state-owned enterprises Typical cases.”
CNC Grinding Ltd, Hunan Jack from the enjoyment of the State Council special allowance, the national science and technology experts led by Professor Hu Xishi, integration of a complex R & D personnel dedicated to the development of follow-crankshaft grinder, camshaft grinding machine with moving flexible high-end, etc. Grinding center, R & D strength and technological level to achieve the same industry-leading level of domestic.
National industries and equiprment, services made in chi9na, Jack has become a tool to create first-class integration copabilities of resources, good Brand, famous machine tool industry solution” of the service provider.