Cali Mahallesi Alaaddinbey Caddesi
No:118 Nilufer
Bursa, Bursa 16235


KARAKOC has established in 1976 in Konya with sheet metal tool production and moved to Bursa known as an industrial city in 1998.

Today, it has three facilities in manufacturing. The first one produces tools and does mass production. The second one produces hydraulic and mechanical press machines starting from 60 tons up to 5000 tons. The third one produces cutting tools and increases its variety every year.

Sheet metal tool and mass production facility has performed tool designs and sheet metal processes for automotive industry more than 40 years. It is able to offer one step solutions for sheet metal and value-added assemblies from simple parts to complicated assemblies. Years of successful part and process development factor helps customers to compete in the global market.

Today, high grade sheet metals are used in automotive industry. KARAKOC produces presses, under the name of KLP MACHINE, particularly suitable for forming these high grade sheet metals and their high quantity production. It also gives different solutions and custom projects including all automation, tools and machine lines to various industries for different needs.

Turkey’s very first and only fully-integrated carbide cutting tools factory KLP Cutting Tools was established by KARAKOC in 2010. Pioneer Turkish brand KLP CUTTING TOOLS, as a new shining enterprise, has begun to export Turkey’s very first and unique carbide inserts. The company anticipates producing Made in Turkey inserts in 400 different types and 200 different geometries in its own facility by the year 2020 with its continuously investment and R&D activities.

KARAKOC is a dynamic firm focused on customer needs, targeted to be one of the innovative manufacturing companies and the leader of stamping, machine and cutting technologies, producing cold formed sheet metal parts, tools, welding, assembly products, machines and cutting tools.

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