Since 1983 Kugler has been manufacturing ultraprecision aerostatic and hydrostatic machine tools which are among the best in the world. Every company which wants to maintain its leading position in industry is committed to the highest standards.
For Kugler this philosophy does not end with the sales, but still applies for consulting and support in all technical aspects of the application as well as for training and in customer service.
Kugler has gained experience in the field of high performance laser optics which in respect of quality, punctuality and intensive technical consulting are hardly to match.
By cooperation with all renowned research institutes and associations, a product and application know-how at the highest technical level is guaranteed.

Our micro job shop is equipped with 15 ultraprecision machine tools in order to meet all common and new ultraprecision machining processes in the field of microlasering, microstructuring, diamond turning and milling processes.