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Jinan, Shandong


the founder and his management team of maxicam global technology ltd. have over 20 years' experience in industrial business. known for innovation, leading technology in the industry, maxicam global products are now the best alternative solutions available in large or small format cnc routing in the market of china. our commitment is supported by over 100 industrial craftsmen and many senior technical engineers in our jinan production plant. to cope with the market demand, our production expansion will be moved to the southern part of china soon, and an associated business company was established in hong kong to serve the global clients.

all maxicam router features you need and expect are readily accessible via industrial standard g-codes. simple keystrokes provide the ability to start, pause, restart, jog, and rapid transit any axis without navigating multiple screens and windows. jobs can be run from any line as needed. the programmed feed rates may be adjusted from 1% to 200% without stopping machine motion.

by using the best maxicam spindle or italian hsd spindle, maxicam routers will cut, drill and engrave materials ranging from hardwood, composites, and plastics to metals and glass with details of stunning complexity. imported servo or stepping motors are being used for different machine models. therefore, maxicam cnc can provide the highest performance possible for the best prices.

all main cam software packages can produce g-code files ready to run on maxicam routers. maxicam cnc system is only as good as the support available when you need it. we can speak your language when it comes to provide the support you need, either by skype, phone, internet, or email worldwide.

marketing and oem partners from over 50 countries have established cooperative relationships with maxicam global. contact us if you want to be one of the maxicam global business partner.