場所:ul. Ordzhonikidze 5
Kramatorsk, Donets'ka Oblast' 84305


Ukrainian manufacturer and exporter of mining equipment - opencast mining equipment, single-bucket walking draglines, bucket-wheel excavators, spreaders, conveyors, crushing and transfer plants and units.

Underground mining equipment - mine winders, heading machines, coal-cutting machines, ripper-loaders, loaders and rock drill-loaders, and mine conveyors.

Equipment for minerals treatment - crushing equipment, milling equipment, screening equipment, roasting and sintering equipment, draught equipment, electromechanical complex for iron tap-hole maintenance.

Stacking equipment - slime pumps, bucket-wheel stacker-reclaimers, equipment for the nuclear-power industry.

Metallurgical equipment - blast-furnaces, trough charging devices, installations for hard-surfacing blast furnace bells and hoppers, iron notch servicing hydraulic complexes, iron notch plugging-up machines, seawater filters, and valves.

Steelmaking production - electric arc furnaces (EAFs), infrastructure steelmaking plants, stationary mixers, mobile mixers, and de-slagging machines.

Heating and thermal furnaces - billet continuous casting machines, slab continuous casting machines, ladle-furnace units, facilities for vacuum degassing of steel.

Rolling mill machinery - hot rolling mills, cold rolling mills, small-section mills, wire-rod mills, machines, equipment, processing systems. Rolling mill stands, laminar strip cooling systems, controlled cooling units, roller quenching machines, sheet straightening machines, and cutting machines.

Press and forging equipment - hydraulic presses, forging presses, stamping presses. Crank presses - hot die-forging presses, horizontal forging machines, sheet-stamping presses. Hammers - large diameter pipes.