場所:Via Carpigiani, 7
Bologna (BO), Emilia-Romagna 40138


Norblast offers solutions complete with accessories and shots that adapt the piece to the technical requirements of the most rigorous industrial sectors rather than to the creative or aesthetic needs for producing a certain type of surface.
Machines come in a wide range of models with guarantee of excellent service. Service also has the parallel goal of establishing a synergistic relationship with customers in order to obtain full understanding of their specific needs and to satisfy them with ad hoc solutions.
In collaboration with institutional and corporate partners, including the Department of Food and Microbiological Science and Technology at the University of Milan and the Faculty of Metallurgical Engineering at the University of Bologna, we put constant efforts in Research and Development for which we have created an entire division called Peen Service.
By institutionalizing and certifying processes that attain higher quality standards, we strive to make continual improvements to be the company setting the standard in our sector around the world and to achieve greater satisfaction of customers, our precious allies along the entire production process.