Onejin Machinery Co., Ltd. specialized in manufacture and export of sheet metal machinery and metalforming machinery, including shearing machines, press brakes, plate bending rolls With our twenty-year experience in production, management, sales and service, successfully among the top leaders of Sheet-Metal Machinery in China and also great international market share.
Onejin has his obvious advantages himself:
• Unified Advanced Development Strategy: 2-year, 5-year, 8-year, etc.
• Strong technological base, and first-class equipments.
• Specialized management team, R & D team, sales team, service team.
• The truly cost-effective analyzing customers’ special needs.
• 90% for export and 40% sales experience of CNC machines.
• Specialized engineering-team can develop CNC system themselves, half cost but more advanced.
• ISO9001 and CE certified.
• Min two-year warranty and spare parts support.
• 24/7 free call comprehensive and consistent service.