Pentamac is a company which assemble and commercialize CNC machine tools.
Quality, competence and highly competitive price are the features which distinguish us.
Located in a context traditionally noted in the “machine tools building” field, we avail us of qualified staff and with long experience in this field. Mechanics, electronics and informations experts guarantee a work well team, where nothing is left to the case.
Our suppliers and partners are rigorously selected in order to the quality criterion:
everybody are holder of ISO certification (9001-9002).

When a new typology of machine tool is imported, it’s our care to create a suitable spare parts store.
The importation concern only the mechanic structure, all the technological parts as, motorization, installation (electric-electronic, pneumatic, hydraulic), CNC.. are directly assembled in our company; this is synonymous of quality and guarantee in the future, the availability of spare parts and the assistance assurance.