Hong Xu Tuen Mun Road Town Development Zone on the 1st hole
TengZhou, Shandong 277521


Shandong Tengzhou City Ruiyuan Machine Co., Ltd. is located in China 's largest production base of small and medium sized machine tools , the hometown of the great thinker Mozi , nine provinces of the land - Tengzhou , companies established in dragon year 2000 , the company gathered a group of high quality , familiar with foreign trade and economic and technological elite staff proficient in engineering technology . With modern management , advanced high-tech equipment to high- quality products , absolute spirit of service, a fair market price and accurate delivery date , and quickly occupied the domestic machine tool market. Demanding strict quality control system, near-perfect reputation in customers establish a good image, won the majority of customers agree , and domestic and industrial electrical company hundred enterprises to establish a long-term , stable contractual relationship . Nearly 50% of the products are exported to overseas.
Hua Xia Ruiyuan is specialized in producing all kinds of drilling, milling , drilling and milling machine , all kinds of machine tool accessories, all kinds of custom CNC machine tools and machining centers, metal cutting machine manufacturers, all CNC machine tools and machining centers ray machines used in Taiwan as well as the best Taiwan's top- spindle screw, rail lines , as standard. Stable and reliable quality , performance, durability , price reasonable , cost-effective , timely service in place. Hua Xia Ruiyuan machine in this solemn promise: We produce each machine, have been extremely harsh straightness and parallelism , squareness, and other aspects of rigorous testing, and have been ultra-precise manual scraping , scraping , corporate develop rigorous and demanding process assembly process and perfect test machine processing and testing , we created a high- quality Chinese Xia Ruiyuan machine . The company has offices in major cities in the country , nearly half of the production is exported overseas. Hua Xia Ruiyuan machine tools, metalworking machine tools focus on manufacturing more than a decade .