Via A.Meucci 14 -18
Vittorio Veneto, Veneto 31029


The high technological content of the product has allowed SANGIACOMO PRESSE to become a leading company in the production of C-frame and straight-side eccentric mechanical presses, thanks to a strong experience in the world market since the 60s.
The whole production, carried out in the premises of Vittorio Veneto, allows a high quality control for every single component, as a guarantee to the product. The reliability and the applied technologies have allowed SANGIACOMO PRESSE to develop a wide range of products and solutions for metal deformation, like stamping, shearing and deep drawing.

Our catalogue of products includes machines c-frame with direct drive (flywheel) that having no intermediate gear allows higher speed operations of blanking and stamping and c-frame geared drive (flywheel , pinion, gear system) that with its reduced nominal speed is suitable also for deep drawing operations.
Our manufacturing range includes also straight-side presses with a solid and reliable monolithic frame, available with single or double connecting rod and large working tables.
Sangiacomo offers a wide possibility of options and customization to meet specific production requirements of the customers.